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short wave UKW Telegraphy Digital Enterprise

Digital modes of operation

In combination with the FT-8100 and the FT-6200 I operate with a TNC31S from Symek. The TNC provides entrance
for me in the Packet-Radio net over the digipeater DB0WST on 70cm with 9600Baud.

Amtor - Pactor - PSK31 - RTTY - SSTV - Packet
With my multi-mode DSP controller PTC-II from SCS that is fully developed (2 times packing module and 2MB-Speichererweiterung) is to me nearly all special modes of operation at disposal. I operate the PTC-II on short wave as also on UKW at all my transeivers.
Like that is Packet-Radio on 23cm with 19200Baud or 70cm with 9600Baud possible. Main employment is however the short wave with Pactor II (Pactor III is in planning).